The Wasatch CAPS Invest Nest is an investing opportunity for all students at Wasatch High to receive investments in their business ideas.

The students at Wasatch High have great ideas, and this is a fantastic opportunity to have their ideas heard on a deep and engaging level.
Entrepreneurship is an essential part of the American economy and to have the opportunity to start and grow businesses out of the school would benefit the school, valley, and even the state. We encourage all students to participate if they have an idea that can become a viable business, whether it be individually or as a team. The Invest Nest will be separated into three different phases:

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Phase I: 30 Second Elevator Pitch (February 4th)

An optional pairing of students to a coach will be available. An event will be held in which students will pitch their ideas (no more than 1-2 minutes) to our coaches.

Phase II: Polished Presentation (March 25th)

Students will be required to submit an application and once the application is reviewed and approved, students who have been approved  will present their business to our group of investors.

Phase III: Public Presentation (April 30th)

The investors, directly after Invest Nest, will choose the top presentations, based solely on content and presentation, not whether or not the student received an investment.

Get Ready for The Invest Nest. Phase One Begins!

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PHASE ONE: 30 Second Elevator Pitch

Many students will not have knowledge about how to prepare a business plan or start their business. Because of this, an optional pairing of students to a coach will be available. An event will be held in which students will give an elevator pitch about their ideas (no more than 1 minute in length) to our coaches. Watch the video below to learn more about elevator pitches. The coaches will select whom they would like to work with. Once paired with a coach, they will work with the coach on their own time, at their own discretion, doing as little or as much as needed.

Applications for the event are below, and the event will be held on February 4th at the Wasatch CAPS Facility: based on the first floor of the Utah Valley University (UVU) Wasatch Campus in Heber City, Utah. The address for the campus is 3111 College Way, Heber City, UT 84032. You are welcome to bring a video of your elevator pitch to the event. If you cannot make the event, you are also welcome to email a video to wasatchinvestnest@gmail.com to help our investors get you paired more effectively. Videos will be accepted at any time throughout the next couple of months.

We understand that not all students who wish to participate in Invest Nest will be able to make this event. Because of this, students can still work with our mentors whenever they can. A list of mentors and their emails is provided below. Feel free to reach out to any of them at any time.

We encourage all students to participate in this event and know that it is very important and of great value, but still stress free. This event is not mandatory and students are still able to participate in Invest Nest if they do not participate in this one, but the perfect way for students to get ahead of the game.


Invest Nest Event

This is the main event. Students will be required to submit an application and once the application is reviewed and approved, students who have been approved will be given a time where they will present their business to our group of investors (about 3-5 minutes). The investors are able to ask as many questions as they see fit to learn more about your business. They are able to invest in your company in any way they see fit, and the student is under no obligation to take any deal. Likewise, there is no guarantee that an investor will invest in your business.

For ideas on what the presentation will look like, watch this Shark Tank pitch below.

Although student’s businesses will not be as advanced as the Scrub Daddy, the student will need to know the business idea very well and be able to answer difficult questions.

The event will be held on March 25th at the Wasatch CAPS Facility: based on the first floor of the Utah Valley University (UVU) Wasatch Campus in Heber City, Utah. The address for the campus is 3111 College Way, Heber City, UT 84032.


Post Investing

The post event will be one last chance for students to get money for their businesses. The investors, directly after Invest Nest, will choose the top presentations, based solely on content and presentation, not whether or not the student received an investment. These top presenters will present in front of an audience. At the end of the presentations, votes will be cast on which presentation was best, and a cash prize will be awarded to that student of up to $10,000.

All members of the community are invited to attend the event which will be held on April 30th from 6:00-8:00 at the Wasatch High School Auditorium, 930 South 500 East Heber City, UT 84032.


Paul Ritchie

Paul W. Ritchie serves as Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer at The Ritchie Group, LLC (“TRG”). He co-founded the firm in 2005. Paul is responsible for managing the deal structuring and capitalization of the firm’s real estate development portfolio. He is proficient in strategy, deal sourcing, due diligence, valuation, deal and debt structuring and negotiation, investor and lender relations, and financial modeling. During the past three years, he has sourced and closed ~$325 Million of total capitalization required to sponsor the ground up development of ~1,200 multi-family units, ~65,000 SF of retail, and ~1 million SF of industrial self-storage projects. TRG has active development projects throughout Utah, Oregon and Massachusetts, but has developed projects throughout most of the western United States. Paul is a graduate of the Wasatch High School Class of 1991 where he graduated as its Senior Class President. He attended Brigham Young University and graduated in 1996, cum laude, with a degree in International Relations and a Minor in Business, and later with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from BYU’s Marriott School of Management in 1999. He served as missionary in the Mexico Puebla Mission from 1992-1994. He married Angela Edwards, also of Heber. He and Angela have five sons: Bryson (WHS Class of 2015), Garrett (WHS Class of 2017), Tanner (WHS Junior-age 16), Mckay (age 13), and Logan (age 10).

Rocky Fischer

Having been called an “energetic” and “visionary” entrepreneur, Rocky Fischer is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of DentalMarketing.net.  Rocky began his entrepreneurial life back in 8th grade.  He went door to door to businesses in the community and built a multi-colored coupon book program that became the local High School’s fundraising program.  From that time, Rocky has always been in the process of starting, building, or selling a business.  He has owned more than 10 businesses since the maiden coupon book business 32 years ago; his most recent being DentalMarketing.net.  Dentalmarketing.net began in 2010 as a way to help dentists provide stability for themselves and their staff.  It is focused on consistent patient acquisition through “offline” direct mail marketing.  Starting with only $40,000, Rocky grew DentalMarketing.net over 3000% to more than $10,000,000 in revenue in just 4 years.  Forward five years and today, Dentalmarketing.net is still around.  It employs 40+ people out of its base of operations in Heber City, Utah and continues to deliver stability to dentists in all 50 states and 6 provinces of Canada.  Rocky loves and craves the opportunity to build businesses from scratch and create wealth from nothing more than a good business plan and an excellent idea well executed.  Meeting a challenge “head on” and overcoming that challenge, drive him to this day.  He is “passionate” about business and looks forward to mentoring students to success through the Invest Nest Program.

The only 2 things he is more passionate about are his family and his church.  A convert to the LDS faith at age 19, he served an honorable mission for the LDS church in San Antonio, Texas.  Following his mission, he dated and married his beautiful sweetheart in a short 4 months.  She is his rock and literally a “super” woman! Rocky and his wife are the parents of 8 children including: a beautiful little girl with Downs Syndrome from Mainland China (2); an energetic lad from the land of Wisconsin (4); a strong-willed son from the Democratic Republic of Congo (5); an aggressive angel from Atlanta (5); a talented and organized princess born in Park City (6); a brilliant little Brainiac from Oklahoma (7); an embodiment of Love born in Houston, Texas (11); and a fun-lovin’, debate-filled, personality-of-her-own born in Lexington, Kentucky (15).

Despite his great love for entrepreneurism, Rocky believes that opportunity truly comes from preparation in both business and education.  He is a strong believer in continued education and holds a Bachelor degree from Brigham Young University and a Doctor of Law degree from the University of Kentucky.  He current serves on the Wasatch Education Foundation Board and is an integral part of the team at Wasatch High that puts on the “Evening of Excellence” each year for Wasatch’s Ne Plus Ultra group, including the Sterling Scholars.

J.W. Davies

J.W. Davies is a co-founder and partner at Davies+Allen P.C., a local CPA firm with offices in Heber, Salt Lake City, and Orem. Davies+Allen currently has 25 employees spread across those offices. J.W. has been practicing as a CPA and in public accounting for 20 years. During those 20 years, he has worked with over a thousand entrepreneurs helping them structure their business entities, set-up their accounting systems, track their profitability and proactively plan for income taxes. He has clients in a variety of industries including software development, creative and marketing firms, supply chain management, dentists, construction, real estate and others. He has helped many entrepreneurs successfully grow their ideas from concepts to profitable businesses. J.W. loves entrepreneurship and the agency that comes with that lifestyle. He considers himself an entrepreneur in the business of accounting. He also loves connecting people when he sees the needs of one can be fulfilled by another.

J.W. grew up on a dairy and crop farm in Fillmore, Utah where he learned there is no replacement for hard work. He served an LDS mission in Alberta, Canada. He met his wife, Jennifer, at Snow College and continued his studies at Utah State University where he earned a Master of Accounting Degree with an emphasis in Taxation. While going to school in Logan he started working at Cook Dorigatti, a local CPA firm, where he worked for 14 years. In 2005, after working there for seven years, he was offered a partnership opportunity and bought in as a partner. At that time, the firm was renamed to Cook Martin Poulson. Also at that time, his partners asked him to open additional offices for the firm. J.W. moved his family to Heber City and over the next few years opened offices in Salt Lake City, Heber City and Orem. He continues working with many of those team members and clients today at Davies+Allen. J.W. and Jennifer have five children. Wyatt is currently on an LDS mission in Texas. Tate is the coolest, best dancer ever, kid with Down Syndrome. Jackson loves basketball and can quote you any Donovan Mitchel statistic. Chezney is an 11-year-old entrepreneur who teaches gymnastics to young kids for a small fee 🙂 Chandler is a hard worker and will most likely be found helping her dad shovel the snow, feeding the chickens, or helping her mom clean the house.

Jeff Danley

Founder and Managing Partner, Peak Capital

Jeff is Founder, Chairman and CIO of Peak Capital Partners, LLC and is responsible for managing the firm’s activities throughout the United States. Jeff is also a founder and on the Board of Directors of Peak Ventures.

He has been acquiring and managing multi-family properties since 2001. Jeff began his career at Arthur Andersen in the firm’s Global Corporate Finance group where he provided M&A advisory and support services. He later joined CCP Equity Partners, a Connecticut-based private equity firm. After CCP Equity Partners, Jeff worked at Adams Street Partners, a large private equity firm in Chicago.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree, magna cum laude, in Accounting and a Minor in Economics from Brigham Young University. He received his Masters of Business Administration Degree from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, where he was recognized as an Edward Tuck Scholar with Distinction. Jeff is a member of YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization).

Danny Labrum

Danny Labrum is the owner of Labrum Chevrolet Buick and Labrum Ford.  He is also the majority partner of Rhino Linings of the Wasatch Back.  He was born in Roosevelt Utah.  After graduating from the University of Utah with a biology degree he moved to Phoenix Arizona to work at his stepfathers Lincoln Mercury   dealership.  Danny started as a lot attendant and worked his way through service, parts, sales, accounting and ended as the controller.  During this time he went to dealers school in McLean, Virginia at the NADA Dealers Academy and graduated in 1998. He married his beautiful wife Rachel and now has two wonderful daughters Savannah and Kenadee. In 2001, he bought the Chevrolet Pontiac Buick store in Heber and in 2009 he acquired the Ford store.  Danny is very active in his community and in his business association.  He is currently sitting on the Wasatch Education Foundation Board and the Wasatch High School Community Council.  He is also a Board member for the UADA Insurance Trust and is the Second Vice President of the New Car Dealers of Utah Executive Board.

James Ballstaedt

James grew up in Midway, UT and graduated from Wasatch High School in 1990. After serving an LDS mission in Calgary Canada, James studied psychology at the University of Utah. In 1999, James co-founded Resorts West, a luxury resort lodging company located in Park City, Utah. James with his brother as his business partner oversaw all aspects of the startup company and helped grow it into the leading luxury brand of property management in the Park City area. As his business grew, James saw the need and demand for related services to his business. To answer that need James started five separate businesses that would help drive revenue and support to the core business of Resorts West. Each of those businesses have functioned and become profitable on their own. In early 2017, James sold Resorts West to an international property management firm.

James has actively been involved in his community serving on several community councils. He served as the President of the Midway Elementary Community Council for three years, chaired the Utah Valley University Heber Campus Community Council for a year and has been a member of the Park City Lodging Association for the past 18 years. James was also chosen as one of Utah’s “Top Forty Under 40” business leaders by Utah Business Magazine in 2007.

Some of James’ passions include basketball, coaching, business, real estate, basketball, luxury hospitality, great marketing plans, basketball, his family, and basketball.

James currently spends his time coaching the local high school freshman basketball team, helping oversee his real estate brokerage and looking for his next business to grow.

Rick Krebs

Rick Krebs – Mergers and Acquisitions Professional, Business Broker, CPA.Rick brings a unique blend of sales, entrepreneurial, and financial experience to Business Sales Group. He began his career as a CPA, working in Nevada and Utah where valuable financial experience was gained. He uses those skills every day. He graduated with a Master’s of Science Degree and Bachelor’s Degree from Utah State University. As a business owner he started Liberty Mortgage, a mortgage bank licensed in 23 states nationwide. He eventually sold the successful company to an investor from California. He has been in the M&A space helping people sell their businesses since July, 2010. During his first year as a business broker with BRC, he listed and sold more businesses than the entire office combined.

As a sale-side and buy-side advisor for Mergers and Acquisitions transactions Rick’s advisory, accounting, and management skills are invaluable when advising sellers as they maneuver the intricate details of the deal through closing. Rick is also a CNA (Certified Negotiation Expert) which helps him negotiate the most favorable terms for clients in a transaction.

Rick was quoted by FORBES as an expert sales-side advisor who helps Sellers avoid the pitfalls of selling a business.

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