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Invest Nest is a program that offers Utah High School Students investment opportunities for their business ideas and has helped 100+ High School Student businesses start up with 40+ still active.

Adult Involvement Roles


Directors meet with the District Invest Nest Student Team bi-weekly to give them guidance in promoting, organizing, and running the competition. These meetings start in August and end in April. Each meeting will last for roughly an hour. Directors also use their relationships in the community and help the Student Team identify businesses leaders who would be willing to donate by sponsoring the competition. They use their influence to help raise the prize money. Directors will work closely with the State Directors in fulfilling their responsibilities.


A handful of business leaders are chosen by the Invest Nest Directors to participate in Rounds 1 & 2 where the Investors get to know the students and can make offers to finance students’ businesses. Investors also choose the top 10 contestants to move on to the final competition. Investors are also crucial in helping identify mentors for the students. Be a critical part of Rounds 1 (held in January) and 2 (held in February) of Invest Nest by attending both Rounds and listening to students give their business pitches. In Round 1, you will spend 3-5 hours listening to students give their 30 second elevator pitches. Help think of mentors that could be a good fit for each student and be willing to introduce the students to these mentors. In Round 2, you will spend 3-5 hours listienting to students give their polished business presentations. You will vote and help decide on the top 10 businesses that will be invited back to Round 3.


Dozens of business leaders donate time to help students prepare for round 2, the final round, and the state competition. – Spend time with one or two students mentoring them on how to continue to build and grow their businesses. Students will reach out to you and communicate via phone to discuss their next steps to help build their business. Expect calls that could last from 15-30 mintues a few times a month from February – April.

District Title Sponsor

One District Title Sponsor will be recognized as a co-sponsor, along with the State Title Sponsor, for Round 3. This Title Sponsor will receive significant recognition and promotion before and during the event. This is a $10,000 sponsorship. The District Title Sponsor will also be allowed to choose one Round 3 judge.

General Sponsor

Donations are made to help fund the prize money for winning students’ businesses. Sponsors are Invited to attend Round 3 & state competition to vote on the competition winners. All prize money must be used for ordinary and necessary expenses of the business. One exception to that is that up to one-half of the prize money may be used to pay for tuition, books, or supplies expenses for college or secondary education. Sponsors are recognized in the community for their generous donations.

State Title Sponsor

One state title sponsor will be recognized as the main sponsor for the State Compeition. The State Title Sponsor will also be recognized in each Round 3 competition across the state. This Title Sponsor will receive significant recognition and promotion before and during the event. This is a $20,000 sponsorship. The State Title Sponsor’s business name will be added prior to Invest Nest in all references used across the state, for example, Zions Bank’s Invest Nest. The State Title Sponsor will also be allowed to choose one state compeition judge.

Adult Inquiry Form

Looking for a way to get involved and help shape the next generation of entrepreneurs? From sharing your expertise to sponsoring prize awards, Invest Nest has great ways for adults to get involved.